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The Economic Development Australia (EDA) National Education and Training Program is the accredited professional development course for Australian economic development professionals. Core and elective modules deliver knowledge, skills and insight, using practical case studies, a global perspective and adaptable tools to help you build a strong and resilient local economy.

EDA is proud to announce its scholarship program which provides the opportunity for recipients to complete four core and two elective modules and achieve recognition as an Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD).

The award value for each scholarship represents approximately $2,700.

Scholarships Available

One scholarship will be awarded in each of the following categories:

  1. Indigenous Economic Development Professional
  2. Rural and Remote Professional
  3. Emerging Economic Development Professional

Click here to download the Eligibility Criteria and Terms & Conditions

Round 1 applications close: 31 July 2021

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Apply for an Indigenous Economic Development Scholarship
Apply for a Rural/Remote Scholarship
Apply for an Emerging Economic Development Professional Scholarship