Accreditation Terms & Conditions

EDA relaunched its national professional accreditation program in September 2020 to coincide with the launch of the National Education and Training Program.


EDA members seeking accreditation and re-accreditation must agree to the following rules.

Achieving accreditation

To achieve Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD) accreditation, participants must be a member of EDA and complete:

  1. All core competencies (module 1.1 – module 1.4)
  2. A minimum of two elective competencies (module 2.1 – module 2.5)
  3. Successful completion of assigned assessment for each module completed

To achieve accreditation, modules can be completed across multiple calendar blocks but must be completed within 3 years.

Retaining accreditation

To retain Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD) accreditation, EDA members must participate in accredited professional development activities equating to 50 Continuing Professional Development Points (CPD) within a two-year period.

Transferring accreditation from the former EDA program to the new program

Current Australian Certified Economic Developers (ACEcD) will be required to be members of EDA and attain 50 CPD points under the new program, by within 2 years.

 Accredited activities eligible for CPD points

  1. Successful completion and assessment of any EDA core and elective competencies (10 points each)
  2. Participation in EDA webinars (3 points each, capped at 6 points per year)
  3. Full registration at the National Economic Development Conference(10 points)
  4. Participation in EDA SPN professional development seminars, workshops & events (CPD points will be specified on registration)
  5. Publication of an article in the EDA Journal (5 points)
  6. Other formal economic development education / training (by application)

Recording of CPD Points

EDA members are required to record their own CPD points on the form provided by EDA.

The EDA form includes:

  • Date each activity was undertaken
  • Activity undertaken (including type of activity, location and name of provider)
  • Value of the activity (describe key learning outcomes and how this will help you professionally)
  • Hours (length of time allocated to the activity)
  • Category (EDA PD category 1 – 6 refer above]
  • Advise if defined activity (1-5 refer above) or approval required (6)
  • EDA PD Points earned for this activity
  • Accrued total points
  • EDA members are required to maintain CPD records for at least 3 years after the end of the year to which they apply.
  • EDA may conduct confidential audits of certified members’ professional development, and members are expected to be able to produce clear and up to date records for this purpose.
  • CPD forms should be lodged to on December 1st, every year.
  • Lodgement of CPD point accrual form is a requirement for retaining post-nominal recognition.

Rules for using the nominals and other benefits:

  • ACEcD practitioners are entitled to display their certificate of accreditation.
  • ACEcD practitioners are entitled to use the nominals and display the EDA accreditation logo in email signature, stationary and professional social media profile, etc. according to the code of ethics.

ACEcD accreditation is revoked and the member is prohibited to display their certificate of accreditation or use nominals if:

  • Their EDA membership lapses beyond 3 months.
  • They have not provided proof of CPD accrual by the required date.
  • They are removed as a member due to a breach of the code of ethics.
  • They are advised as a directive of the EDA Board in accordance with the breach procedure
  • EDA must provide members with the accreditation code of ethics and breach procedure.
  • EDA retains the right to alter the terms of use of the ACEcD logo and nominals at any time.