Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD) accreditation

How do I become accredited?

To achieve Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD) accreditation, participants must be a member of EDA and complete:

  1. All core competencies (module 1.1 – module 1.4)
  2. A minimum of two elective competencies (module 2.1 – module 2.5)
  3. Successful completion of assigned assessment for each module completed

To achieve accreditation, modules can be completed across multiple calendar blocks but must be completed within 3 years.

How do I retain accreditation?

To retain Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD) accreditation, EDA members must participate in accredited professional development activities equating to 50 Continuing Professional Development Points (CPD) within a two-year period, and remain a financial member of the organisation.

What if I was accredited under the previous program?

Current Australian Certified Economic Developers (ACEcD) will be required to attain 50 CPD points under the new program, by December 31 2022.  Click here to submit your CPD points.

Accredited activities:

  1. Completion of any EDA core and elective competencies(including exam / assessments) (10 points each)
  2. Attend an EDA webinar (3 points each – capped at 6 points per year)
  3. Present at an EDA webinar (5 points)
  4. Attend the National Economic Development Conference (10 points)
  5. Attend a face-to-face EDA SPN professional development seminar, workshop or event (CPD points will be specified on registration)
  6. Publish an article in the EDA Journal (5 points per article, capped at 10 points per year)
  7. Active participation on a SPN Committee (2 points per meeting attended. Capped at 6 points per year)
  8. Other formal economic development education / training (by application)

Australian Economic Development Champion (ACecDC) accreditation 

Participants completing all modules under the EDA Economic Development Elected and Community Leader Stream will receive acknowledgement as a certified an “EDA Economic Development Champion” (ACecDC).

Recognition for accredited members

  • Accredited ACEcD practitioners and certified ‘Champions’ will be provided with a certificate of completion.
  • Accredited ACEcD practitioners will be authorised to use the nominals (ACEcD) and will be provided with a signature ‘logo’, recognising their achievement. This can be incorporated into email signature, business cards, name badges, etc.
  • Newly accredited ACEcD practitioners and certified ‘Champions’ will be acknowledged during the National Economic Development Conference.
  • Accredited ACEcD practitioners and certified ‘Champions’ will be acknowledged in an edition of the EDA Journal.

Terms & Conditions of Accreditation