Webinar Replay – The value of social enterprise

Social enterprises are defined as an organisation which combines trade with a social purpose, where that purpose is a defining part of the business. Social Enterprises show us that it is viable to do business more sustainably, they build appeal for sustainable business models and change the parameters on what we as consumers, employees and investors see as possible (and often acceptable).

Councils and other organisations provide scaffolding and support for emerging and existing social enterprises. Social enterprises, in-turn, offer a point of difference in the revitalisation our municipalities and develop tangible ‘local’ outcomes in areas such as employment, tourism and sustainability.

In this webinar, Troy Crellin from City of Melbourne, Llawela Forrest of SENVic and Purpose Precinct and Miranda Campbell from Social Traders present expertise and case studies in this topic area.

Key learnings:

  • Learn about City of Melbourne’s key social enterprise program such as the “Purpose Precinct” at the Queen Victoria Market
  • Expertise and case studies on social enterprise’s value to government and how they help deliver outcomes such as those of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Insights and emerging trends from Social Trader’s recently released PACE23 report which showcases the incredible economic and impact contributions of certified social enterprises


Miranda Campbell, Social Procurement Lead – Social Traders

Llawela Forrest, General Manager – Purpose Precinct

Troy Crellin, Senior Program Coordinator, City Of Melbourne



  • Presentation Slides coming soon
  • Troy – Troy.Crellin@melbourne.vic.gov.au
  • Miranda – Miranda.Campbell@socialtraders.com.au
  • Llawela – llawelaf@goodcycles.org