Prospect Smart 21 Community 2017

Services Export Hub

The $23 million Commonwealth Incubator Support initiative seeks to improve the prospects of Australian start-ups achieving commercial success in international markets. Funding is currently available with a focus on fostering start-ups to develop the capabilities required to realise their economic potential in international markets faster than they otherwise would. In particular, the program seeks to promote the export of services.

ABC Building

City of Prospect is seeking to develop a Services Based Export Incubator with a focus on the Eastern Region of Adelaide. Initially it would consist of 800 sqm of space with over 100 people in a range of co-working and incubation spaces. The ABC building has been identified as a potential building due to the vacancy of three floors and its centrality to the Eastern Region. Dark fibre will be provided at low cost to the tenants and can be connected to the building. Support from the State Government’s Gig City program mark 2 will assist with linking SABRENet connection to the ABC building.

Support for the concept will be sought from the Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) of Councils which includes six Councils and over 30,000 businesses. The incubator would seek to serve the eastern suburbs of Adelaide and work collaboratively with other incubators and co-working spaces. Council will seek to attract a co-working space as the major anchor tenant to run the facility and an accelerator program.

Develop consortium to manage Services Export Hub (SEH)

It is proposed to develop a consortium to manage and fund the SEH as outlined below:

Services Export Hub: Based on export of goods and services with specialisation in:
Creative Industries; Health Services; Engineering and ICT; General Business Services; Food.

Develop management and funding model with anchor tenants such as: Bus Hub, Little City; Eastside BEC.

Services Industry Sectors

The SEH would target the following Industry Sectors and seek support from local and interstate experts and industry associations:

City of Prospect approved a report to proceed with the projects subject to endorsement of the Council budget and receiving Commonwealth support. A lease is currently being negotiation with the ABC.
People interested in registering to be part of the incubator should contact
Chris Hannaford.



Written by Chris Hannaford,
Director of Business and Innovation
at City of Prospect