Professional Library for SA Members

EDA has established a professional library exclusively for the use of EDA members.

The collection is centrally housed at the St Peters Library at 101 Payneham Road, St Peters.

In order to borrow from the collection, you will need to be an EDA member.

The St Peters Library is part of the SWAP Network which you can join at any of the seven SWAP Network libraries (at Norwood, Payneham, St Peters, Walkerville, Prospect, Campbelltown, Athelstone) by presenting two forms of ID which include name, current address and signature.

Once you receive your membership card, you can search the online catalogue (or in house catalogue) available, and can search by keyword Economic Development and if you limit by location to St Peters, it will show all the collection here. There are other books in the libraries on economic development so these will also show (hence why you have to limit to St Peters to see the EDA collection rather than everything). You can then click on request (bottom right hand corner) and the library will notify you when your book is ready to collect.

In terms of notification, the library can email, SMS or post you a letter (most people prefer SMS as it is instantaneous). The library will then hold your book for 10 days until you collect it. You can borrow the book for 28 days, then if there are no further reservations, you can extend it again for a further 28 days if you wish.

The library does charge overdue fees and replacement costs if books are not returned – so if the library has to send you a reminder letter about how long you have kept the book for, you will be charged $2.

Library bags containing the online catalogue address (338.9), bookmarks, brochures etc will be given out to members at future EDA-SA events.

The collection, still in its infancy, comprises the following books:

  1. The Civic Culture of Local Economic Development – Laura A. Reece, 2002
  2. Economic Revitalisation: Cases and strategies for City and Suburb – Joan Fitzgerald, 2002
  3. Local Economic Development: Analysis, practices and globalization – John P. Blair, 2009
  4. Planning Local Economic Development: theory and practice – Edward J. Blakely, 2010
  5. State of the world 2008: innovations for a sustainable economy; a World Watch Institute report on progress towards a sustainable society – Gary Gardner and Thomas Prugh: Project Directors; Linda Starke: Editor
  6. Urban Regeneration in the UK – Andrew Tallon, 2010

If you have any suggestions about other books you would like included in the EDA library, please let us know by email.