Looking To The Future

There is a lot of negativity displayed when health is mentioned in South Australia and much is focused on the still to be opened new Royal Adelaide Hospital.  I am not going to go into the whys and wherefores of the much delayed opening but suffice to say it will open and when it does it will be one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in the World.
But it is only one, albeit important, part of the Adelaide Biomedical City on North Terrace that when completed will have around $3.6 billion of world class infrastructure and employ thousands of highly trained people (http://healthindustries.sa.gov.au/adelaide-biomed-city.html). The recent commitment by the Australian Government of $68 million to establish a Proton Beam Therapy facility in Adelaide has brought the reality of a SAHMRI 2 much closer and all eyes will be on the State Government on Thursday when the State Budget is released to see if their anticipated commitment of $44 million is announced.
This clustering of activity including world class researchers, training and education facilities and health services is an example of the approach South Australia needs to forge a new future for the state based on innovation, a highly educated workforce and partnership between the public and private sectors.
Adelaide has other examples underway as well, notably the 61 hectare Tonsley Innovation District (www.tonsley.com.au) adjacent to Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre which is being populated with innovative, small to medium sized businesses taking advantage of the State Government’s commitment to establishing the necessary infrastructure.  Over 1,000 people are now working in this future focused precinct.
There are some great innovative developments happening in SA, we are just not good at promoting them!