EDA Webinar: Basic Resources to Good Recovery

The following recording was made at Session 2 of EDA’s Bushfire Recovery Webinar Series, “Basic Resources to Good Recovery” on 19 Mach 2020.

This is the first of three sessions, featuring globally recognised disaster recovery expert, Professor Edward J Blakely. During this session, Professor Blakely provides advice regarding effectively assembling and deploying local resources to assist community recovery.


In 2007, Ed was appointed by the Mayor of New Orleans as the Executive Director for Recovery, coordinating all aspects of the City’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina. He was responsible for the major downtown revitalisation plan for Oakland, California as well as that City’s earthquake and fire recovery projects.

He teaches urban and rural development, regional policy and community development. Through the Future Cities Program, Ed has led city re-visioning programs in 19 cities in the Sydney Metropolitan area. He currently serves as strategic advisor to the City of Parramatta and Liverpool. He leads the OECD panel on urban economic development as well as panellist for OECD projects on economic development in the United States, Australia, Sweden and Japan.


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