Driving Economic Growth with Justin Hanney (An EDA Victorian VIP Event)

On Friday 11 August 2017 , Economic Development Australia’s Victorian Chapter (EDA Vic) hosted its second VIP event at Parliament House. This VIP event provided an opportunity for EDA Vic to raise the profile of Economic Development Australia across Victoria. Victorian Local Government Mayors and CEOs, senior State and Federal Government representatives, and Victorian accredited members came together to hear Justin Hanney, Head of Employment, Investment and Trade with the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources share his thoughts on “why a deep understanding of sectors and place is critical to driving economic growth” and how the Victorian Government is actively supporting and facilitating economic development, innovation, business and employment growth in Victoria through a range of facilitation, policy and investment partnerships and interventions.

Stephen Chapple did an outstanding job as MC, and Mark Holdsworth, our National Board Chair, set the mood for the day, using the opportunity to introduce EDA’s new Executive Officer, Jacqueline Brinkman.

The following presentation was made to invited CEOs, Mayors and Accredited EDA Members at Parliament House Victoria Friday 11th August 2017

Justin Hanney EDA Presentation


Behind The Scenes Parliament House Tour

 – A Victorian EDA networking event

Following this event, EDA Vic hosted a networking event for Victorian economic development practitioners, and VIP guests were welcomed to stay on and network for the afternoon or part thereof. All guests were treated to a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Parliament House with Monica Gould, former President of the Legislative Assembly. Monica provided some fascinating insights into the Victorian Parliament as she guided us through the building using her ‘access all areas’ privileges. The Victorian Parliament House was built in 1855 for the Colony of Victoria and has been the home to the Victorian Parliament ever since (except between 1901 – 1927 when it was actually used as the seat of the Federal Parliament of Australia). The influence of State Government Policy on Economic Development initiatives is never far away and this was a fantastic opportunity to get an up close and personal appreciation of the building where so many key decisions are debated and passed. We would like to thank EDA member Brian Gould for facilitating this opportunity, and Monica Gould for hosting us on the day.

Both events were well attended, and feedback from the events has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you also to EDA Vic Committee members for their contribution to making the day possible.