Australia’s International Business Survey 2017

Now in its fourth edition, AIBS is one of the country’s largest and most in-depth surveys of internationally-active Australian businesses.

The 2017 results are in, the data has been analysed, and you can now find out what the state of play is for Australia’s international businesses.

Here is a preview:

  • Over 1,000 Australian businesses were surveyed, 93% of which were involved in exporting, 48% in importing, 23% in other international activities, and 19% in two-way investment;
  • China (23%), the United States (22%) and New Zealand (12%) were the most important markets for respondents, by international revenue;
  • Businesses are ambitious with three-quarters of survey respondents planning to expand to new markets in the next two years, of which 37% are aiming for 1-3 new markets, 30% for 4-10 new markets, and 6% for 11 or more new markets.

Click here to download the report for more AIBS 2017 insights.