Why you must attend the National Economic Development Conference 2020

We know that budgets are tight! Do you need to convince the decision makers in your organisation that you simply must attend National Economic Development Conference?

Here are five tips to help you get approval to join us at the largest gathering of economic development professionals in Australia!

1. The Conference is all about helping you implement economic recovery

Link the Conference program to your community economic recovery strategy. NEDC20 will provide you with the knowledge and tools to lead economic recovery and help you support your community to emerge from the crisis more competitive, resilient and vibrant.

2. Bring the knowledge back to share with your colleagues

Plan to deliver a ‘mini-workshop’ to your colleagues when you return, delivering key insights from the NEDC Program, study tours, and even the scuttlebutt you picked up in the breaks – it’s all valuable!

3. Promote

Promote your organisation’s performance by entering the National Awards of Excellence. All finalists are showcased throughout the NEDC program and at the cocktail function as well as in a post NEDC special edition of the EDA Journal (with over 3000 subscribers).

4. Implement

Utilise at least one key learning from the conference and track the results / savings you make as a result.

You can build a compelling argument for future opportunities and prove a return on investment!

5. Earn CPD Points

EDA’s National Education and Training Program is launching soon, along with the revamped Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD) accreditation program. Current Australian Certified Economic Developers (ACEcD) can earn 10 CPD points by attending NEDC.

We know it’s difficult to plan anything beyond next week at the moment, which is why we have implemented fully flexible booking conditions for NEDC. Take advantage of the early bird, face to face discounts, knowing that if your circumstances change, you can easily transfer to the virtual option.

If you know that joining NEDC in person is impossible this year, the virtual registration will still offer dynamic and innovative networking opportunities, the chance to engage with speakers, sponsors and each other despite the distance.

We hope you can join us!