New Edition of the EDA Journal: Lessons from Australia

As we launch this winter edition of the EDA Journal, multiple Australian states are still in lockdown with escalating COVID cases once again disrupting local economies. Australia’s earlier success in supressing the virus has not been leveraged, due to the delays in the vaccine rollout and limits to the efficacy of hotel quarantine and as such, we are experiencing ongoing economic disruption and heart-breaking impacts to local communities and families around the country.

For Australian economic development professionals, seeking to insulate local businesses from the immediate impacts, retain commercial activity and local jobs while planning for an unknown future, the challenges are immense. EDA continues to support its members through extensive resources and advocacy as the situation continues to unfold. We hope you find this edition of the EDA Journal useful to inform, inspire and prompt new ways of thinking when developing solutions to local economic development challenges.

We are grateful to the leading practitioners who lend their expertise and insight to this publication, which continues to be a valuable and popular resource for the Australian economic development sector. Thank you also to our advertising partners.

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