EDA Board Vacancy

An opportunity exists to join the Board of Economic Development Australia (EDA) during an exciting period of growth and development. Established in 2007, EDA is the peak national body for economic development practitioners, strengthening and promoting economic development through state and national events, professional development and member support.

Expressions of interests (EOIs) are invited from suitably qualified individuals to join the Board of Economic Development Australia (EDA) as volunteer Directors. In particular, the Board is seeking a ‘Skills-based Director’ with expertise in financial management, governance and policy development. There are also three positions for State Practitioner Network (SPN) Committee representative / Territories based Directors (QLD, SA and ACT/NT).

At next EDA AGM, the following vacancies will exist:

  • 1 vacancy for “persons with appropriate skills and experience to assist the Board” (skills-based Director).
  • 1 vacancy for a “person domiciled in SA and a member of the SA SPN committee” (SPN representative Director).
  • 1 vacancy for a “person domiciled in QLD and a member of the QLD SPN committee” (SPN representative Director).
  • 1 vacancy for a “person domiciled in the Territories.

Directors are appointed for a term of three 3 years (max 6 years). The appointments will take effect from the EDA Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at the Pilbeam Theatre, Rockhampton on October 18 at 4pm in conjunction with the National Economic Development Committee (NEDC2018.com.au)

To be eligible to be appointed as a Director, a person must:

(a)  be a Member of the Company;

(b)  not be an employee of the Company; and

(c)  consent in writing to act as a Director.

Nominees for the ‘skills-based’ position will be required to demonstrate in writing, their experience and understanding of:

  1. Corporate / Board Governance
  2. Financial management in relation to a public company
  3. Legal expertise
  4. Public Policy and advocacy / experience

Nominees for the SPN Committee representative positions and the Territories based position should complete a nomination form and provide a CV as per the nomination form.

Nominations must be received prior to 4pm, Tuesday October 2 2018.

For further information contact:

  • EDA Chair, Mark Holdsworth, 0425 760 849
  • EDA Deputy Chair, Virginia Miller, 0448 440 626
  • EDA CEO, Jacqueline Brinkman, 0419 130 699


>> Click here to download an EOI Kit (including nomination form)