Changes to the 2020 National Economic Development Awards for Excellence categories

We recently announced that EDA’s flagship event, the National Economic Development Conference (NEDC20) will be hosted virtually by Liverpool City Council.  We also announced some changes to the 2020 EDA National Awards for Excellence. The pandemic has impacted many economic development projects across the country and made preparing an award submission challenging. However, EDA wishes to recognise the many individuals who are demonstrating leadership and excellence throughout this challenging period. For this reason, the EDA National Awards for Excellence will include just 3 honorary categories this year:

The Peter Chaffey Economic Development Leadership Award (Economic Development Practitioner – over 30 years old)

This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated exemplary performance in the economic development profession. Successful nominations will have had a significant impact on revitalising communities, and will have been at the forefront of developing and delivering projects that drive innovation and change. They will have played a major role in shaping and improving the practice of economic development.

Economic Development Rising Star Leadership – (Economic Development Practitioner – up to 30 years old)

This award recognises outstanding achievement by a young, emerging leader in the economic development profession. Nominations should detail the significant career achievements to date and the impact of those achievements on the organisation and the community as a whole, and also explain how these achievements have contributed to the advancement of economic development as a profession. Nominations for the award must be endorsed by an EDA member and will recognise not just their contribution to economic development but their level of community involvement.

Economic Development Leadership Award (Elected Member)

This award recognises an individual who has displayed dedication and commitment to his/her community as a leader and advocate for economic development. They will have demonstrated sustained and effective efforts to work with community groups and industry leaders in the development of programs and projects. Nominations for the award must be endorsed by an EDA member but the nominee does not need to be a member of EDA to be eligible to receive this award.

The closing date for awards submissions in these three categories is now 4th September 2020. All other categories are closed until 2021.

Winners will be announced during the National Economic Development Conference to be held virtually, November 18-20. In a year without much certainty, what we do know is that NEDC20 will be the one economic development event not to be missed. Now you know you can attend from the safety and comfort of your home or office, there is no better time to book!

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