ACEcD Application

To become accredited, members must:

  • Be a financial member of EDA
  • Have 4 years relevant experience in an economic development role, PLUS
  • a Post Graduate Certificate course in Economic Development, OR
  • an equivalent Post Graduate Course, OR
  • Have at least 7 years relevant experience in an economic development role
  • Commit to continued professional development (CPD) and achieve 50 PD points over each two year period

To APPLY: All applicants must fill out the Online Application Form below and attach their resume and submit both documents for recognition by EDA.

NOTE: For any enquiries regarding accreditation points, recognition of alternative events and conferences particularly for isolated and rural members and any other accreditation recognition issues please contact

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Online application  

CPD points

CPD points to be completed by all Accredited Members at time of yearly renewal