If you work in any aspect of economic development in any part of Australia, we are your specialist national body. We provide a range of professional benefits for members and for our sector as a whole.


As a peak body we represent the interests, principles, causes and subject matter of the economic development sector. Our role encompasses:

  • influencing Australian economic development policies through submissions, lobbying and advocacy,
  • commissioning and contributing to research in related fields,
  • encouraging and acknowledging best practice in all aspects of economic development in Australia, and
  • clarifying the role and importance of economic development in society to the broader community.


We provide a choice of platforms and opportunities for members to share ideas, discuss emerging trends and issues, and learn from each other.

Each State Practitioner Network provides a range of seminars, informal discussions, sun-downers and presentations with topics relevant at the local and national level.  Speakers can include visiting professionals as well as corporate and political leaders.

We hold an annual national conference featuring leading Australian and international speakers. The two to three-day conference offers industry tours, masterclasses and the latest information on sector issues and trends, as well as opportunities to discuss political economic policy and economic impact forecasts. Also included are the Economic Development Awards for Excellence, which showcase exceptional and resourceful projects that improve Australian society.

The EDA membership website portal and social media pages provide you with access to the knowledge, experience and expertise of the entire membership group through:

  • member-only discussion boards,
  • moderated and un moderated forums, and
  • conversations and questions on member-driven topics.

Training and development

Members can benefit from a variety of training and professional development opportunities, information and resources.

  • Our quarterly Economic Development journal presents case studies, research and strategy as well as the best practice work being done in Australia and internationally.
  • EDA manages the Australian Certified Economic Developer accreditation process  This program requires a high level of knowledge and experience as well as a commitment to continuous professional training.
  • The Economic Development Awards for Excellence, addressing challenges in regional and urban environments, highlight the very best initiatives and innovative thinking across our sector.
  • Case studies are created from our Regional and Remote Area Economic Development Training Program, (RRATP). Designed to empower regional members, this program involves a workshop developed around our economic development toolbox.
  • Employment information on opportunities both here in Australia and overseas is provided.

Membership Details and Rates


There are three types of membership:

Individual – The majority of our members fit into this category. Individual membership will suit you if you are the only economic development practitioner in your place of work, or if you are the only one interested in becoming a member.

Organisational – If there are five or more members in your workplace we can offer you organisational membership. Organisational membership receives recognition on the web page, in our Economic Development Journal and at events.

Student – This membership type is for full-time students. You will need to provide your current student card and proof of your enrolment when you apply.

Annual membership fees for 2017 are outlined below. ( All fees are inclusive of GST)

  • Individual/Full Membership                          $400
  • Organisation Membership (5 members)*    $2000

* For more than 5 members, please contact us for membership rates.

  • Student Membership                                                 $50   (conditions apply)

 All memberships are on a ‘rolling’ basis, i.e. commence from date of application and are renewable one year later.

If you have any questions regarding membership you are welcome to contact us.

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