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The opportunity our industry never wanted.

For years now the hospitality industry has been plagued with low margins, stiff competition and a reluctance to change and move with the times. Low barriers to entry, TV shows and social media food exposure have created a flood to the industry of people who either shouldn’t be in the business in the first place, or have a lot to learn about the hospitality industry as a whole.

Over the past month we have seen an industry in turmoil with some venues closing and still remaining closed, some closing and reopening with a delivery and take away model and others pivoting straight away.

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Supply Chains Are Strained as the Pandemic Causes a Surge in Online Orders

Consumers have been conditioned to expect fast delivery of online orders, but the pandemic has flashed a spotlight on how strained supply chains can get—even among savvy retailers like Amazon, which heavily focused its business on expedited shipping.

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“Think quickly, think differently”: Local government response to pandemic in Australia.

As leaders of the places, policies, and programs that impact everyday life of local citizens, local councils have categorically been hit by the pandemic. This also means they are positioned to lead interventions and affect change when it comes to quality of life for citizens, even during crisis.

Neighbourlytics CEO Jessica Christiansen-Franks and CGO Lucinda Hartley draw on their extensive experience working with local councils on matters from policy to planning and placemaking to ask about the keys to response, recovery, and resilience in the year to come. Here are their answers to what local governments can do right now.

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Australia’s manufacturing pivot in a post-coronavirus world as COVID-19 creates ‘new era’ for the economy

Almost 30 years ago, Sydney-based business Almec created parts for the gaming industry. A decade later it built mobile phone antennas for Telstra — before that work moved to China. Then the factory turned to lighting and small-scale construction supply, until — you guessed it — most of that went offshore too.  Today Almec, a “bespoke” sheet metal fabrication business, is focused on “filling the gaps in the market” in medical and building supplies — shorthand for whatever work it can find.

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Are We All In This Together?

The pandemic has helpfully scrambled how we value everyone’s economic and social roles.

This article is part of “The America We Need,” a Times Opinion series exploring how the nation can emerge from this crisis stronger, fairer and more free.

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COVID-19 Implications for Business

There’s a great deal of uncertainty around the next phases of the coronavirus outbreak—a human tragedy. The prevalent narrative, focused on pandemic, underweights the possibility of a more optimistic outcome. As we monitor developments, this briefing highlights what we do and do not know, outlines potential economic scenarios, and discusses how businesses can act now.

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IBISWORLD COVID-19 Economic Assessment

IBISWorld, a leading industry research house, has published an in-depth breakdown of the effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on every subdivision in Australia and New Zealand. This report, compiled by a team of senior industry analysts, classifies the level of disruption for each subdivision, and provides analysis relating to the key factors that will determine their performance over the remainder of 2019-20 and beyond.

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Practical Tips for dealing with the ‘C’ word

Some simple tips to set up your home office for working from home during the Coronavirus crisis.

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How cities are helping workers and small businesses during the coronavirus crisis

Across the country, public events are being cancelled, shops and restaurants are shutting down, and workers are being sent home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This reduction in commerce is necessary as a public health response to the virus, but its adverse effects are already rippling through local economies—and will likely worsen in the coming weeks.

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What you need to know about the Government stimulus package for small business

We’ve been through the treasury documents regarding the $25k payment and our conclusion is that many are going to need help to fully access and optimise the small business payment. With up to $25k on the line for activity statements between 1 January and 30 June 2020 this should be optimised to maximise your entitlement, writes Flying Solo alumni, James Millar of

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How to boost your immune system during the Coronavirus outbreak

Simple methods to take care of your body and business.  Written by author Ben Angel.

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How Australia’s small businesses are staying afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic

Hear directly from small business owners around Australia about the tactics that they’re employing to keep their small businesses afloat during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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8 tips for crushing your job while working from home, from 6 leaders who have worked remotely for years

Employees around the world are being told to work remotely in the wake of coronavirus. But going from a buzzing office to quiet solitude is an adjustment.  While many remote jobs are different, there are some universal ways to set yourself up for success.

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